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Amicor Group

Amicor Group is a Swiss Investments Group and has grown from a family concern trading under various different companies for many years, and has now finalised the amalgamation of a number of companies forming part of the Group. The group is known as the Amicor Group. Several companies operating in different industries were taken over by Amicor to fulfill and support the different needs of the group.


The acquisition of several companies and the change of existing structures of companies already belonging to the family has formed an integral part of the Amicor Group world wide. Amicor Group is strategically placed all over the world and has a vested interest within a variety of market sectors in the world market. The group has combined the very important skills available to use to the benefit of the group. The group is profit driven and focuses on the ability to become the specialists in their industry as active shareholders in various companies across the globe. The number of companies the group controls are in various market sectors and all focuses on their own industry.


Amicor has the ability to call upon own resources to support the group at any given point in time. Amicor Group normally have a small investment in these companies providing they add value to the group, these resources have had a close working relationship with the group for many years. These relationships have been tested and have developed over the years as a result of integrity for each others input and support in business.